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Univers eau douce

  • Livebearers
  • Bettas
  • Discus
  • Goldfish
  • Koi
  • Nano animals

Anthias is known for its large range of livebearers, composed notably of more than 35 varieties of guppies, the emblematic fish of aquarium hobbism.  There are 30 varieties of platies of all colours, "wagtail", "salt and pepper", "coral red", "hifins"…As well as several varieties of xiphos (or sword tails), mollies, and mollinesia.
 With the new range of nano-aquariums, a livebearers section grew up with Poecilia endler and Micropoecilia for example.  The nano-animals are now their own full range.
We select our breeders based on three criteria :  the quality of the hatchery water, the choice of the varieties, and the esthetics of the individual specimens.

Vivipare : guppy

Betta splendens (fighting fish) became very popular in the last couple of years.
Originally from Thailand, this fish is able to live in a limited space.  Since its maintenance is very simple, it is appreciated by most of the fish hobbyists, some of them happen to collect a dozen different varieties.  In order to respond to this high demand, we have selected the best breeders of fighting fish in Asia.  This allows us to offer you a great number of sizes and varieties within this species, from the most classic to prize-winners.


Betta Halfmoon White Platinium

We only offer the finest specimens of discus, bred in high-tech and closed system environments.
Chosen for the quality of their product, our partners offer original colours of more than 15 varieties :
"Marlboro yellow", "red light", "checkerboard red"... measuring between 2.5 to 6 inches.
These Premium discus allow us to guarantee a very high level of satisfaction among our customers.


Discus Pigeon Yellow

Originally from Asia, and more specifically from China, these fancy-tailed goldfish became more and more popular:
Bubble eye, ranchu, ryukin, lionhead, pearlscale...
Furthermore, characins like goldfish, yellow goldfish, shubunkins and sarasa comets, come from high quality hatcheries in Israel.
These fish are available according to the season, from 2 to 10 inches.

 Ryukin calico

Our partner, a world-renowned French breeder, raises animals in the south of France. He has received over 15 prizes during the last exhebition shows (Belgian ZNA Koi Show) competing with the best international breeders.
We also offer Biosecure koi from the Israeli breeders.
Two greenhouses of storage (31,700 gallons) to maintain the full range of koi, from 2.7 to 27 inches.


Koï kikusui

Mini-aquariums, or nano-aquariums (<10 gallons), have recently known an enthousiam among new fish hobbyists.
We offer a large range of fish and invertebrates which are adapted to this environment:

  • Micropoecilia, Oryzias, Boraras, Rasbora, Microrasbora, Iriatherina, Pseudomugil, Epiplatys, Aphyosemion...
  • Caridina, Neocaridina, Macrobrachium, Cambarellus, Tylomelania, Neritina, Clithon, Anentome...


Caridina cf. cantonensis crystal red grade S
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